One Way Vision

One Way Vision is a calendared polymeric digital perforated film. One way vision is a dual layered film with a gloss white printable side and a clear pressure – sensitive adhesive side. One Way Vision has been designed as a long term solution to improve privacy and promote your business.

One Way Vision is an innovative window graphic made from perforated self-adhesive vinyl film. It is great for completing a full or partial vehicle wrap design onto windows.

The tiny perforated (punched) holes allow visibility from the inside of your vehicle, while anyone viewing from the outside will see your window graphics. We digitally print your design in full colour, then apply an optically-clear over laminate to protect your graphics from UV, water, dust, marks and scratches. Rest assured, we only use genuine One Way Vision vinyl which is designed to meet the VLT Standards (Visible Light Transmittance) for Australian Standards for Vehicles.

One Way Vision FAQs

What is clear focus one way vision film made of and how does it work?

CLEAR FOCUS film is made of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) with up to 50% of the film micro perforated to achieve the desired image resolution and one way visibility. The black (non-imaged) side of the film, through which people see, maximizes its transparency. Lighting is the final ingredient: For optimum effect, lighting on the graphics side must be brighter than on the non-imaged side.

What are some of the benefits of using clear focus perforated vinyl films?

One Way vision film creates a new and innovative media space without obstructing the view. It also creates new business and advertising opportunities that are not available with conventional opaque signage.

The film can be used on the windows of emergency, utility and delivery vehicles, banks and other financial institutions, airports or on virtually any glass door or window where visibility is important for safety and security.

One Way Vision film reduces heat and glare from the sun, making it ideal for commercial and residential buildings, retail stores and vehicles.


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